Educational Movies

Educational Movies Movies are considered to have only entertaining point but in order to prove the opposite, this article is featuring reviews of the best educational blackjack movies. Who said that learning is always boring? Find out how to become a skilled blackjack player by watching movies where blackjack rules and strategies are explained by the professionals!Read more

Tournament Movies

Tournament Movies Being one of the most famous online casinos games, no weird that blackjack is almost everywhere: in books, articles, TV shows, movies...What else? Well, casino players find it really interesting to watch tournament movies where professional blackjack players are trying to win. These tournaments are not only gripping but also educational.Read more

Entertainment Movies

Entertainment Movies Blackjack is very complicated but at the same time interesting! Blackjack game is very important part of any casino. However, blackjack has gained worldwide popularity and many people simply like to watch the gaming process. Well, the entertaining movies are the best for those wishing not to learn but simply enjoy and entertain themselves!Read more

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Want to play blackjack beneficially? Get to know all the rules!

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Crazy adventures of 4 friends having a bachelor party in Las Vegas!

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Incredible movie with wonderful scene of card counting by an autist.

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Blackjack is not just a game, played at casinos, it is also a very entertaining performance. Even those, who have never tried themselves in casino gambling agree, that observing blackjack game is like watching interesting film. In blackjack there is enough intrigue and expectations, so it is quite obvious, that game attracts not only gamblers, but also observers. Now we are speaking about the real casinos, where people see only the game. But what will happen if we compound both of the biggest entertainings of the modern world – gambling and movie? Welcome at the web site, dedicated to the cinematography part of blackjack game – Movies Of Blackjack! Of course, in order to understand what is happening at the blackjack table, it is better to know some basic things about the game and its rules. Though, most of people, who enjoy blackjack through watching, not playing, know almost nothing about the game, especially at the beginning. But time is running at they start to understand what the player is doing and reasons of his decisions.

There is nothing more interesting, than observing blackjack game not only in the frame of gambling house, where you can see only the table and couple of players, but within all the background things concerning the game – starting from its history and up to the preparations to the game. There are different types of blackjack movies, which reveal different sides of the game and all of them you will find here! For those, who want to learn how to play blackjack we recommend educational movies, which, to be said, usually are based at the books of popular blackjack gamblers, so you can be sure, that advices, which you’ll meet there are worth your attention. If you prefer just watching interesting stories, without excessive educational moments, choose entertaining films. Probably you have already seen some of them as casino movies always attract attention of movie lovers and critics and usually you can watch them at cinemas as the best products of cinema industry. And take a look at William Hill Casino Club when you'll have time. We are sure you like this place!

There is one more type of blackjack movies, or rather, TV shows – tournaments. They are not the movies, but also it is difficult to call them just a competition, like football matches or even Olympic Games. It is more like reality shows, where you can observe not only the tournament, but also get acquainted with the participants.

No matter what type of blackjack movie you prefer – we are sure, that you find a lot of interesting at our website. We will be glad to help you with the choice of best movies, concerning the best casino game – blackjack. Enjoy the movies!

Tournament Movies

WSOB is one of the most famous land and online blackjack tournaments that has been on TV since 2004. Television version of this tournament attracts lots of viewers. If you are fan of blackjack game, you will definitely be glad to observe how others play one of the most intriguing casino games! Get the most useful experience with WSOB! And when just observing is not enough - go straight to Intertops Blackjack and try this exciting game yourself!

UBT (Ultimate Blackjack Tour) is a very popular casino and blackjack tournament that gathers many professional blackjack and poker stars playing for big winnings. Are you sure, that you are a master of the game? Do not hesitate and try yourself competing with other blackjack gamblers! If you know that you have enough experience and knowledge – you just should try it out!

King of Vegas has been televised in 2006. Watch how professional live blackjack players have to gamble 7 other casino games in this highly entertaining tournament. You will be able to learn something new, observing the professional and maybe, very soon you will be the start of this tournament! If you want to show the world that you also play other games like a pro – welcome at King of Vegas tournament!

  • Jinxed!
  • The Hot Shoe
  • The Last Casino
  • License to Kill

Do you love to watch romantic movies? How about casino love stories? Interested? Then this movie will not definitely leave you cold!
This is the story of love triangle between a very young blackjack dealer and a married woman. They fell in love and their feelings are mutual. The only obstacle on their way to happiness is the husband. Fun movie to watch even by casino online players. But if you prefer to gamble, not to watch movies – check out for FREE welcome bonuses. Here you will find the list of all of top online gambling sites and casinos, where you can use bonus codes!

If you love playing online blackjack and use every opportunity to learn all the secrets of the game, this movie is definitely for you! Being a documentary film, it reveals unknown and interesting facts about blackjack and describes in the slightest details the most famous technique called the card counting. It will be very useful for those, who do not understand how is it possible to count cards and keep being attentive all the time. When you see that people can really do so maybe you will be able to do it also! If you do not like learn reading something, this documentary will be the beast decision for you. Watch and learn!

The Canadian movie, The Last Casino, is based on the book Bringing Down the House written by Ben Mezrich. The film is featuring the team of professional blackjack players that are using the card counting technique in order to win. The movie is really gripping and interesting! The team came to Las Vegas in hope to beat the dealer. Probably, you have heard the stories, which have the same beginning. But in most cases the end of each of them is completely different. If you want to know what happened with the characters of the film, you should not miss the chance to get to know it. Enjoy your watching!

The License to Kill is rather violent movie about Agent OO7, James Bond. It was produced in 1989 and was the 16th movie about this British Agent. Having good reviews from the critics, the film is worth watching. James Bond is presented as a skilled blackjack player in this movie. The gambling scenes are vivid and interesting. James Bond if one of the most popular characters, who adores casino games. There are also other Bond movies, where he plays casino games. License to Kill is one of the classic movies about the secret agent 007. If you want to know more about it, read this article!

Blackjack Basics

Want to understand the basic concept of the blackjack game? Read this article, or use some casino guide, that provides you with the useful information allowing you to gamble more successfully. Using the theoretical knowledge you will be able to play like a real master, just keep learning and practicing! Visit this site if you love to play online blackjack. We track the sign up bonuses and share the iPhone information which mobile gamblers have been waiting for, so check it out at reading the common slots myths!

Being one of the most disputable methods used to play blackjack games, card counting is considered illegal and thus desirable for many blackjack players. If you are not sure, that breaking the casino rules is for you – try out other games available at Choose any game to play, but we recommend you to choose games of luck which does not require special skills – such as roulette, bingo, slots or scratch games. These are considered best online casino games for inexperienced players.

If you have been gambling at different casinos, then it is the right time for you to make a visit to Royal Vegas Casino. This one of the Canadian online casinos website offers everything which is necessary for interesting and long-term gambling. If you think that you are interested in gambling and the best places to play, you should definitely get registered at Royal Vegas Canada.


21 is considered to be one of the best blackjack films. It is featuring the story about the group of students winning huge sums of money using the card counting technique.

The MIT blackjack team is not a fiction, it was formed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was incredibly successful and highly profitable over the years in Las Vegas casinos. Want to know more about the team? Keep reading!

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